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Great eye care begins with regular eye exams:

Eye Exams


A personalised service with one of our experienced Optometrists where you can return to year after year. Our assessment includes:

  • Spectacle prescription 
  • Examination  of Ocular Health  including Fundus Photography,
  • Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) scan

NHS Sight Tests.

You may be eligible for reduced cost examinations via the NHS.

You can check on the NHS website if you feel  that you should be entitled to a free Eye Exam:

Contact Lenses

We encourage all patients to join our Contact Lens Club to get the best value in contact lenses:

Club Benefits:

  • Free Contact Lens care exam, yearly eye exam and OCT Scan (valued at £80)
  • 25% discount on Contact Lenses
  • Free trails of new contact lens technologies when available/
  • 20% off regular Sunglasses

Emergency Eye Care


If you have a sudden onset eye problem, such as a red eye, sore eye or sudden disturbance in your vision, you can be seen by one of our optometrist.

Conditions that can be seen by our optometrists:

  • Sudden red eye or eyelids
  • Sudden gritty or very uncomfortable eye
  • Significant recent sticky discharge from the eye
  • Sudden pain or discomfort in the eyes or around the eye area
  • Sudden reduction in vision in one or both eyes
  • Recent onset or sudden increase of flashes and/or floaters in one or both eyes
  • Something in your eye that you cannot remove yourself.


Paediatric Eye Care

A child's eyes are continuously developing throughout their childhood, and any changes can have a dramatic effort on their learning and social development.

Children's eye exams are free of charge(until age 16), meaning there is no obstacle to making sure your child has the best possible vision and eye health.

Unsure about your child's needs?

Call the practice to find out more.

Visual Stress and Dyslexia

Visual stress ( Meares Irlen Syndrome) is sensitivity to visual patterns.

This can cause visual perception problems which can interfere with reading even if the child has normal vision.  Symptoms include:

  • Complaining of moving print/words
  • Becoming tired quickly whilst reading
  • Headaches or visual discomfort
  • Red, sore, watery eyes.

If you have any concerns about yours or your child's sight or reading ability, please call us i and we will be happy offer in-practice consultations or testing with one of our qualified opticians.

HGV Driver's Exam


Professional drivers are frequently required to undergo testing to prove their visual aptitude. We offer all types of testing required by DVLA NI and offer Certification services for our patients. 

HGV drivers should have a visual acuity of at least 6/7.5 in one eye and 6/60 in the other on the Snellen scale.

If you are uncertain about how these requirements affect you or your application, please feel free to give us a call at  the practice.


Sunglasses are essential protection for anyone spending time outside. We have a huge variety of glasses catering to all kinds of uses, needs, budgets and styles. Whether you just want to try something new, or are interested in getting an amazing pair of prescription glasses, we can find the right pair for you.

Sports & Safety Eyewear

At MacAdorey Optometrists we stock all the gear to protect your eyes at work and at play.

Ask our dispensing staff what lens, filter and frame is most suited to your sport. Be it swimming, cycling or football, we will have good advice to offer.

Looking for prescription eye protection in work? We have a variety of options and are always happy to offer free advice.


Contact Lens Fitting

Interested in trying contact lenses? Maybe you already have lenses, and are interested in trying out some new lens technologies..

Speak to our informed consultants who can advice you on the best product for your prescription and needs.



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